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I love video games so much I spend time writing about each and every one.

My name’s Will. I play a fair few video games, and a few years ago I thought I’d take a whack at writing about them. I arguably enjoyed it more than playing the games themselves.

It started with a few longer-form critiques, namely on the first Bioshock and a piece on the F.E.A.R. franchise. A shared them around a few family members, posted them on a few forums and the response was wholly surprising.

I don’t really come from a writing or creative background – nor do I have proper video game design knowledge – and prior to these pieces, I’d never written voluntarily before (I mean, less time to play a video game, right?)

But it worked, and it was fun. It’s remained fun the whole time, tapping away at a handful of reviews and plenty of shorter summaries for the games I’ve played over the years, and the time has come to make them public.

While I don’t expect this site to rival Eurogamer or Gamespot in terms of hits or readers (or even quality for that matter), I do see it as a valuable creative platform for myself, one that allows me to write more openly and grow as a writer and one that allows me to share my jumbled thoughts with whoever manages to find there sorry-arse into my neck of the woods.